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★八個100M/1G/10G BASE-T RJ4埠
★八個100M/1G/10G SFP+光纖埠

Netgear M4300-8X8F




•Auto-sensing RJ45 100/1000/10GBASE-T: 8

•Auto-sensing SFP+ ports 1000/10GBASE-X: 8

•Service port (Out-of-band Ethernet): 1 x RJ45 10/100/1000BASE-T (front)

•Storage port: 1 x USB (front)


•Processor (CPU): Integrated 800Mhz CPU in switching silicon

•System memory (RAM): 1 GB

•Code storage (flash): 256 MB

•Packet Buffer Memory: 16 Mb



•Max physical switches per stack: 8

•Max physical ports per stack: 384 x 1G ports or 384 x 10G ports or a combination

•Mixed stacking between 1G models and 10G models

•Stacking ports (max number): 1G models: up to 4 ports per switch 10G models: up to 16 ports per switch

•Distant stacking using fiber

•Non-stop forwarding (NSF)

•Automatic unit replacement (AUR)

•Distributed Link Aggregation (LAGs across the stack)


•Switching fabric: 320 Gbps Line-rate (non blocking fabric)

•Throughput: 238 Mpps

•Latency - 10G Fiber: 64-byte frames/0.889μs

•Latency - 10G Copper: 64-byte frames/2.432μs

•Latency - 1G Fiber: 64-byte frames/2.622μs

•Latency - 1G Copper: 64-byte frames/2.572μs

•Forwarding mode: Store-and-forward

•Address database size: 16K MAC addresses

•Number of VLANs: 4,093 VLANs (802.1Q) simultaneously

•Number of multicast groups filtered (IGMP): 4K total (2,048 IPv4 and 2,048 IPv6)

•Number of Link Aggregation Groups (LAGs): 128 LAGs with up to 8 ports per Group; 802.3ad / 802.1AX-2008

•Number of hardware queues for QoS (Standalone): 8 queues

•Number of hardware queues for QoS (Stack): 7 queues

•Number of static routes: IPv4/64; IPv6/64

•RIP application route scaling: IPv4/512

•OSPF application route scaling: IPv4/512; IPv6/256

•Number of IP interfaces (port or VLAN): 128

•Jumbo frame suppor: up to 9KB packet size

L2 支援協定

•IEEE 802.1Q VLAN Tagging

•Protocol Based VLANs: IP subnet, ARP, IPX

•Subnet based VLANs, MAC based VLANs, Voice VLAN, Private Edge VLAN,

Private VLAN

•IEEE 802.1x

•Double VLAN Tagging (QoQ)


•Multiple Registration Protocol (MRP)

•Multicast VLAN Registration Protocol (MVRP)

•MVR (Multicast VLAN registration)

•IEEE 802.3ad – LAGs: LACP; Static LAGs; Local Preference per LAG

•Distributed Link Aggregation

•Storm Control

•IEEE 802.3x (Full Duplex and flow control)

•IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol

•IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree

•IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree

•IGMP Snooping Support: v2, v3

•Multicast VLAN registration (MVR)

L3 支援協定

•IGMP Proxy

•MLD Proxy

•Any Source Multicast (ASM)

•Source Specific Multicast (SSM)

•DVMRP (Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol)

•DHCP IPv4 / DHCP IPv6 Client

•DHCP IPv4 / DHCP IPv6 Server (Stateless, Stateful)

•DHCP Snooping IPv4 / IPv6

•DHCP Relay IPv4 / IPv6

•Static Routing / ECMP Static Routing: Multiple next hops to a given destination; Load sharing, Redundancy; Default routes; Static

Reject routes

•Port Based Routing

•VLAN Routing

•ICMP throttling

•Router Discovery Protocol

•DNS Client

•Proxy ARP


•Policy Based Routing (PBR)

•802.1ab LLDP

•802.1ab LLDP - MED

•SNMP: V1, V2, V3

•RMON 1,2,3,9



•Broadcast, Unicast, Multicast DoS Protection

•DoS Attacks Protection

•ICMP throttling

•Management ACL (MACAL)

•Radius accounting


•Access Control Lists (ACLs): L2 / L3 / L4; MAC, IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP

•IEEE 802.1x Radius Port Access Authentication

•802.1x MAC Address Authentication Bypass (MAB)


•Access Lists

•DiffServ QoS

•IEEE 802.1p COS

•Single Rate Policing


•iSCSI Flow Acceleration


•Width: 8.35 inches (21.2 cm) (half-width); Height: 1U - 1.73 inches (4.4 cm); Depth: 13.58 inches (34.5 cm)

•Weight: 8.14 lb (3.69 kg)



•Operating Temperature: 32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C)

•Operating Humidity: 90% maximum relative humidity, non-condensing

•Operating Altitude: 10,000 ft (3,000 m) maximum

•Storage Temperature: – 4° to 158°F (–20° to 70°C)

•Storage Humidity: 95% maximum relative humidity, non-condensing

•Storage Altitude: 10,000 ft (3,000 m) maximum


•Power cord(s)

•RJ45 straight-through wiring serial console cable to DB9

•Mini-USB console cable

•Rubber caps for the SFP+ sockets

•Rubber footpads for tabletop installation

•Installation guide

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